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Tough Guys Lawn Care will once again be offering snow removal this winter. We are offering two different options.  First, the customer can purchase a flat monthly fee for their snow removal needs. This fee will start in October and will be billed each month though the end of April. By a flat monthly fee, we mean that the price will remain consistent each month, whether it snows once that month or thirty times. Second, Tough Guys Lawn Care is offering a per time rate. With this option, the customer will only be charged for each snow removal.

Both options include advantages and disadvantages. For example, if it snows 14 days out of the month, someone with a monthly fee could be charged $115, whereas, someone who is getting charged $20 per time would end up paying $280. (These prices are just for example purposes only.)  Prices depend on the amount of property that requires snow removal.


Tough Guys Lawn Care will once again be offering Christmas light installation services.  We are offering two different options for your convenience. First, Tough Guys Lawn Care can purchase the lights of your choice and install them. The rate for this would consist of the cost of the lights as well as the standard hourly rate of $30 per hour per employee. Second, Tough Guys Lawn Care can install lights that have been previously owned or purchased by the customer. This rate would only include the rate of $30 per hour per employee. The installation of Christmas lights will begin right after Thanksgiving weekend.

Home/Property Maintenance

Many of our customers enjoy our home/property maintenance services. These services are really up to you and can include anything from the simple (changing out light bulbs) to the complicated (door /window repair, and more). Home/Property Maintenance services are done on a $30/hour/employee basis. Services may include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Repair or replace locks
  • Install dead bolts
  • Weather strip doors
  • Replace and repair mailbox posts
  • Change light bulbs
  • Fix running toilets
  • Fix and replace faucets
  • Install new window screens
  • Take trash to the landfill
  • Switch out old washers/dryers/stoves
  • Interior painting
  • Pressure wash siding and decks
  • Fence repair
  • Door and window repair
  • Rug and mattress turning
  • Moves (Local)
  • Repair lamps, cords, and plugs
  • Caulk sinks and tubs

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