Tough Guy For A Day

Nominate someone from the community to receive a free landscaping makeover from Tough Guys and community volunteers!

Being a “Tough Guy” is about so much more than shoveling heavy snow in the freezing wind, digging up sprinkler trenches in the hot sun, or maintaining your beautiful yard.  Being a Tough Guy means doing everything we can to enrich not only the landscaping but also the lives of the people who share our community.

That’s why we created the “Tough Guy for a Day” event to give back to our town and one special Laramie resident by giving away a free landscaping makeover! 

We’re asking you to get involved by nominating someone you believe deserves a free landscaping makeover by June 15th.  Tough Guys will announce the winner from our pool of nominees and the Tough Guys crew will get to work preparing for their new landscape!  Then, on July 20th, you’re invited to join in on the fun of giving back to Laramie by becoming a “Tough Guy for a Day” to help us complete the finishing touches of the makeover and show our appreciation for a wonderful Laramie citizen!

If you know someone who needs and deserves a free landscaping makeover, nominate them using the form below by June 15th.


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