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Sprinklers & Irrigation

At Tough Guys Lawn Care, we are your Albany County sprinkler professionals!  We’ve been in business since 2007 and our technicians have years of experience in the sprinkler industry – including installation, maintenance, and repairs.  As a property owner, you’ve probably invested a lot of money into your sprinkler system and want to make sure it’s as efficient and effective as possible. That’s why we’ve invested in a team of professionals who are experienced, punctual, pleasant, and ready to get the job done.


Our Tough Guys can  perform a variety of sprinkler services, including start ups in the spring, repairs during any season, winterizations in the fall, and year round monitoring.  It is crucial that you hire a reputable company to install or maintain your sprinkler system, and our team is up for any challenge!

What Sprinkler Services Do We Offer In Laramie?

At Tough Guys, we want to do our part to make sure your sprinkler system is in tip-top shape no matter what season of the year it is! Laramie summers are gorgeous, but our high altitude and tendency towards windiness can really dry out your lawn and garden. It’s important to make sure your irrigation system works well so that you can keep your property green and welcoming – and to avoid costly emergency repairs. We offer a full range of sprinkler services that are designed to keep everything in great working order so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

NOTE: our Hydrawise customers and our summer and year-long contract holders receive priority scheduling on most of our sprinkler services. This includes spring start-ups and winterizations. If you’d like to have most aspects of your summer lawn care taken care of by our professionals, than we invite you to learn more about our Summer Lawn Care Services and Annual Property Maintenance contracts.

Sprinkler System Installation

Tough Guys Lawn Care is Laramie’s top professional on all things sprinkler-related!  We’ve been around for over 13 years, and plan to continue serving our friends and neighbors for years to come. A sprinkler system installed by our experienced team is the most efficient way to ensure that your lawn gets the proper hydration it needs to look its best. A beautiful lawn is an investment, but it’s also important to be efficient with your irrigation so you are not wasting your money by over-watering. That’s where we come in.

At Tough Guys, we custom design all sprinkler systems for maximum efficiency and coverage to ensure that your entire lawn gets the water it needs.  We will not only install your system, but will help you maintain it for years to come. After every system is installed, we thoroughly inspect it to make sure it’s up to our standards. Only then does our quality control manager sign off on it. Reliability and quality are two of the things that set us apart, and we want to make sure you are getting everything you pay for!

Tough Guys Lawn Care is a certified contractor with the City of Laramie and Licensed with the Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety. Both are required by the City of Laramie to install a sprinkler system within city limits.  We will also take care of all the necessary permits required by the city so that your sprinkler installation can go smoothly. When it comes to making sure your sprinkler system is installed correctly and up to code, no one is better than our pros at Tough Guys!

Springtime Sprinkler Startups

Proper start up of your sprinkler system in the spring is crucial to it operating well all summer long.  Since water rates in Laramie are expensive, you’ll want to make sure your sprinkler system is performing well!  Sprinkler start-up requires more than just turning on the water. Our Sprinkler Technicians are trained to professionally start your system and check to make sure it’s working the way it should.  During sprinkler start-ups, they always do the following:

  • Equipment checks on:
    • Sprinkler Heads
    • Filters
    • Valves
    • Operating Pressure
    • Wiring
    • Main line and zone line testing
  • Check and set your control timer
  • Test the system’s spray zone accuracy and coverage efficiency
  • Pressure test the mainline

Our technicians will also help you know what to do in the event of an unexpected hard freeze – after all, we do live in Laramie! They can also diagnose any issues your system may have before they become problems for you in the summertime.  Being proactive is the best way to save yourself money and additional lawn care maintenance. And one of the best ways to do that is to have your sprinkler start-up performed by the professionals here at Tough Guys Lawn Care! 


**Hydrawise customers as well as our Summer Lawn Care contracts and Annual Maintenance Contracts get priority scheduling on sprinkler start-ups.

Sprinkler Repairs

Just as with anything mechanical, things can go wrong with your sprinkler system.  Our technicians are on call to provide you with repairs to your sprinkler system as quickly as possible.  If it’s an emergency, we can usually get to you the same day to at least mitigate the problem before it gets out of control. 

We know that emergencies can be expensive, and we are happy to get you a quote before tackling larger issues so that you can budget successfully. Our team is highly trained and experienced, and we’re equipped with all the tools and replacement parts your system might need.  We don’t just talk about our professionalism; we back it up with our actions. 

All our technicians are Hunter certified.

Hydrawise Sprinkler Monitoring

Bring your lawn care into the 21st century with Hydrawise!

Whether you love kicking back in your gorgeous backyard with friends and family, or simply enjoy the pride of having pristine curb appeal, investing in a sprinkler system is one of the best ways to boost your home’s beauty and value. Our Laramie summers are gorgeous – but their high temperatures can also lead to higher water bills. You may be wondering how you can invest in your landscaping as wisely as possible to both keep the bills down while still keeping its appeal.

Hydrawise provides a solution to save you both water and money, all while protecting the integrity of your irrigation system!

What Is Hydrawise?

Hydrawise is a Wi-Fi Irrigation Control system that monitors and controls your sprinkler system’s water usage. Their Smart Technology uses local weather sources to predict your watering needs, which can save their customers up to 50% on their water bills.

How Does Hydrawise Work?

Hydrawise uses smart technology to manage your lawn’s water needs in several ways:

  • Predictive Watering – Hydrawise automatically adjusts your watering based on highly accurate, internet-sourced local weather data. The system looks at both the current forecast and past weather history to ensure that just the right amount of water is applied to your lawn. You’ll save water, money, and time while Hydrawise proactively monitors factors like Laramie’s rainfall, temperature, & our ever-present wind to automatically adjust your watering levels- all without you ever needing to do a thing. 
  • Control Your System from Anywhere – With remote access, you can control your irrigation system from anywhere in the world, as long as it has a Wi-Fi connection!
  • Understand Your Water Usage – Traditional sprinkler systems don’t give you any way to know how much water you’re using.  In contrast, Hydrawise lets you view data on your irrigation system’s water usage for each cycle.
  • Predict Problems Before they Arise– Traditional systems also don’t tell you when something goes wrong, which can easily lead to big problems. Hydrawise will send you alerts when something is abnormal. That way, you can stop problems in their tracks before they become big, destructive, and expensive.
How Do I Install Hydrawise?

Tough Guys is the only Laramie landscaping company that is authorized and trained to install Hydrawise systems. We have partnered with Hunter to offer an easy-to-use interface that you can access on any mobile device or computer. This lets you manage your Hydrawise system easily and conveniently from wherever is comfortable to you. Then, we receive updates about your water usage so we can proactively maintain your sprinkler system better than ever before.


Hydrawise installation is quick, affordable, and simple.

Give us a call today at (307) 745-9670 with any questions you may have or to schedule your installation!

Midsummer Check-Ins

The summer months are short in Laramie, and even though the days are often pleasant,  temperature and weather patterns can still fluctuate dramatically. Just like your vehicle, your sprinkler system also needs a tune up about once per summer to make sure it’s still working well.  After all, it does run virtually every day – it could use a little TLC. 

You can maximize your sprinkler system’s capabilities by having one of our highly trained technicians check in on it.  These mid-season checks are designed to prevent damage to your lawn and your irrigation system. If our technicians find a problem, they can usually fix it that same day.  A midsummer check includes the following:

  • System Main Line Pressure Test
  • Spray zone accuracy and efficiency coverage testing
  • Professionally programming your controller to maximize efficiency

Sprinkler Winterization

Just because the air is getting cooler and days are getting shorter doesn’t mean it’s time to stop caring about your yard! Your investment is important to protect, regardless of the season. Our pros at Tough Guys Lawn Care can winterize your sprinkler system to keep your pipes from freezing or bursting during Laramie’s harsh winters.  

Some companies call this a sprinkler blow out, but we think of it as much more than that.  It’s important to have someone who knows sprinkler systems do your winterization, because they can prevent further problems down the road.  A sprinkler winterization includes the following:

  • Draining all water from pipes and associated components with the correct air pressure and volume
  • Blowing out all pipes, valves, sprinkler heads and associated components with an air compressor
  • Drainage of backflow and pipes on the interior of your home
  • Checking for and documenting needed repairs
  • Switching your sprinkler system’s controller to its proper winter setting

Winterization does not include repairs.  If a repair needs to be complete, our technicians will let you know so that you can budget for it. 

Our winterization services start in September and go through the middle of October.  We get a huge amount of calls during the winterization season so don’t delay! Make sure you are on the schedule so that we can prevent freeze damage from happening to your system.  We hold appointments Monday-Saturday in hour increments, to serve your schedule. *NOTE: Customers must be home during winterization*


**Hydrawise customers as well as our Summer Lawn care contracts and Annual Maintenance Contracts get priority scheduling for sprinkler winterization.


All sprinkler systems installed by Tough Guys Lawn Care are backed by our Warranty.  Tough Guys will guarantee all parts and labor for 1 year from the date of installation.  All sprinkler system installations come with a free winterization and a spring start-up. We believe in what we do, and will make sure that you receive the highest quality labor and parts during the installation.  If something goes wrong within the first year, we will be there for you!

***Warranty is voided if Tough Guys Lawn Care does not perform the sprinkler winterization and spring start up, if there are signs of vandalism, or if there were alterations made that are not original to the install by Tough Guys Lawn Care.

Client Testimonials

We love Tough Guys! They are fast, thorough, tidy, and polite. Seriously amazing. They have done our Spring cleanups, mowed for us, cleared brush, etc. and every time we are so grateful for the awesome job they do.

Lydia Mullins

I’m very satisfied with the work they have done for me and my fiancé.

Janelle Wilson

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