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Lawn Care & Maintenance

Between the snow, sunshine, high altitude, and infamous Laramie wind, it can be tough to keep your lawn and garden in good shape. Luckily, we’re tougher. Together, we can keep your property healthy, thriving, and looking great!

Have Question About Service Contracts?

At Tough Guys, we offer monthly contracts for our lawn care and snow removal services.  Our contracts make budgeting easy – you’ll simply pay one monthly rate that’s locked in at the beginning of the contract. You’ll also be able to customize your services based on your needs and how much you want to spend. To make life even easier, we also have convenient payment options, including paying via email or automatic payments. 

We offer two different contract options:

  • Summer Lawn Care Services – this covers the summer months only, and can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget.
  •  Annual Property Maintenance – this contract includes services for all four seasons, and can also be customized.

More about summer contracts

More About Annual Contracts

Our Annual Property Maintenance Contract is an all-inclusive contract that’s designed to take care of all of your landscape maintenance needs. These 12-month contracts include the following services:



  • Spring Cleanup/Power Raking



  • Weekly Lawn Mowing/Trimming
  • Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing/Trimming
  • Our 3 Step Fertilization Program
  • Summer Lawn Aeration
  • Monthly Weed Pulling
  • Grass and Weed Killer Application
  • Broadleaf Weed Control Application



  • Fall Cleanup
  • Gutter Clean Out
  • Fall Lawn Aeration



  • Snow Removal


 Our goal with this package is to make it so you don’t have to worry about your landscaping at all – no matter what time of year it is! Being an annual contract holder also gives you priority pricing and scheduling for other important services, such as sprinkler startups in the spring and winterizations in the fall.  We also give priority pricing and scheduling on additional services not covered by your contract, including bush/tree trimming and garden weeding. 


In order to have spring, fall, and winter services, you must be signed up for the annual contract.  Your monthly payment will be the same for the 12 month period of the contract. You won’t have to change it based on what season we’re currently in – you’ll get all these services for the same price every month! That means no more wondering how much mowing or snow removal is going to cost you.

Our Summer Lawn Care Contract is a 5-month contract that goes from May 1st through September 30th. They only include summer services, such as:

  • Weekly and Bi-Weekly Mowing
  • Our 3 Step Fertilization Package
  • Monthly Weed Pulling
  • Summer Lawn Aeration
  • Grass and Weed Killer Applications
  • Broadleaf Weed Control Applications


These services are included in all our summer contracts. As an added bonus, our contract holders get priority scheduling when it comes to sprinkler startups in the spring and sprinkler winterizations in the fall!


We also offer the following summer landscaping services:

  • Bush and Tree Trimming/Removal (Restrictions apply to size)
  • Manual Weed pulling/ flower bed clean-ups


Due to the variable nature of these services, we do not offer them in the contract and instead charge our usual hourly rate. However, our contract holders will enjoy preferred pricing and scheduling – just one more advantage that we’re excited to give our loyal customers!

Summer Services

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Mowing

Mowing is a huge part of summer lawn maintenance! At Tough Guys, we offer weekly mowing (every 7 days) or bi-weekly mowing (every 14 days). Each visit includes: 

  • Mowing of all turf/grass areas 
  • Trimming around all obstacles, including fencing, edges of turf, trees, signs, etc  
  • Trimming your alleyway keep within the City of Laramie ordinance requirements (if applicable).  
  • Blowing off sidewalks, driveways, walkways, and patios, so your property has that crisp, fresh-cut look!  
  • Bagging and recycling all grass clippings  


Mowing services will commence in May and go through September 30th.


Trimming and weed eating involves minimizing the size of weeds outside the normal lawn/turf area that’s covered by mowing. This service is usually used by those of you who own larger properties. However, we offer trimming and weed eating to anyone with weeds that have gotten out of control.  Our crew will trim the weeds down, rake the area, and haul off all clippings if needed.  Since it can be variable depending on the size of the property, we charge by the hour for this service. It typically is not included in our contracts.

Weed Removal

Let’s be honest, pulling weeds is time-consuming and not very fun. So let our team take care of your weed problem instead of doing it yourself!  Our team will pull weeds in hard-to-reach areas of your property that we can’t get at with mowers or trimmers. This includes xeriscaped areas with rock or mulch, flower beds, and places where chemicals cannot be sprayed to get rid of the noxious weeds.  Give us a call to get on our schedule.

Bush/Tree Trimming

A beautiful, clean-cut tree and/or bush will boost curb appeal and keep your property in tip top shape! With our trimming services, your bushes and trees will stay healthy, won’t overtake your entire garden, and will look great all summer long. Proper trimming will protect their health and ensure that they compliment your landscaping beautifully! We have all the equipment and knowledge to trim them to best fit your property. Once we’re done, our crew will also haul off all branches and leaves to the Laramie landfill, where we recycle them for compost.

Fall Services

Falls in Laramie are always unique!  Sometimes we go straight from summer to winter. But for those years where we actually do get a fall, it’s vital to prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter months. Fall preparation will help your lawn and garden be much healthier when spring rolls around.

Fall Cleanup

Our crews are ready to clean up your property to keep it in tip top shape for the fall and winter season! This cleanup also prepares your landscaping to be healthy and thriving during the following spring and summer. During fall cleanup, our expert crew will:

  • Rake your leaves 
  • Clean up leftover debris from the summer  
  • Blow out and/or rake behind bushes and rock/mulch beds  
  • Trim down and prepare your bushes and perennial flowers 

We are happy to do other services upon request!  Let us take care of your property and prepare it for the long winter ahead.

Gutter Clean-Out

Cleaning out your gutters is no easy chore, and it’s often neglected for that very reason. However, clean gutters are vital to keeping dangerous ice or water buildup away from your roof, walkways, and your house itself. Our Tough Guys can clean out your gutters, keeping them free of leaves and other debris that has gathered throughout the season. We’ll take care of both gutters and downspouts, allowing your gutters to perform and do what they are supposed to do.  We can perform this service during your fall clean up!

Fall Aeration

Aeration is the process of removing small cores of soil from the lawn to allow for better airflow around the roots of your grass. This allows water and fertilizer to reach the roots of the grass more effectively, helping to create a stronger, healthier lawn. We can professionally aerate your lawn, allowing you to more efficiently water and maintain it. We recommend doing this in the spring and in the fall.

Spring Services

Winters in Laramie can be brutal on your lawn and landscape, which is why spring services are essential to prepping them for the upcoming summer season. Your time is valuable, so let our experts at Tough Guys prep your lawn for the summer.

Spring Cleanup

During spring cleanup, our crew will: 

  • Clear away the debris left behind by the fall and winter seasons 
  • Clean behind bushes 
  • Clean up flower beds
  • Edge your lawn 
  • Prep your lawn and finish it with a fresh mowing to encourage consistent growth  
  • Haul away all debris off your property and recycle them with the Laramie Landfill

If your lawn is in need of a power rake, we’ll also perform this at this time. Power raking removes thatch that might have built up from the previous season so that it won’t suffocate your lawn.

Spring Aeration

Aeration is the process of removing small cores of soil from the lawn to allow for better airflow around the roots of your grass.  This allows water and fertilizer to reach the roots of the grass more effectively, helping to create a stronger, healthier lawn! At Tough Guys, we can aerate your lawn to allow you to more efficiently water and maintain it. We recommend aerating in both the spring and fall.

Chemical Application

We are licensed by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture as a Commercial Pesticide Applicator. This license is required by the State of Wyoming for all landscaping companies that chemically treat lawns and gardens. We put our applicators through extensive training so they have a deep understanding of what is being applied to your lawn and landscape – and how to do so safely and effectively. Say goodbye to pesky, noxious weeds! Our crews can take care of them, leaving your landscaping in excellent condition.

Broadleaf Herbicide Application

No one likes to see broadleaf weeds like dandelions on their beautifully landscaped lawn.  Broadleaf herbicides are safe on Laramie’s hardy grass, but will rid your lawn of those pesky weeds! Broadleaf herbicides are post-emergent, meaning they will kill the weeds that have already surfaced. Their application is most effective if we spray in the late spring/early summer, with a second spray in mid to late summer.

3-Step Fertilization Program

Your grass and plants are dependent on soil for nutrients that allow them to grow and remain healthy all year long!  Our 3-step fertilizer program gives your soil the optimal nutrients it needs to sustain your plants during all times of the year. Our expert crew will apply the first spray in the spring, the second one in the middle of the dead heat of summer, and the last one in the fall. Applying fertilizer during these times is crucial for your soil to get the nutrients it needs to help maintain a healthy lawn.  We use a sprayer to apply fertilizer, which means you won’t have to worry about watering or allowing your family and pets to continue to use the lawn!

Grass And Weed Killer Application

You pay good money for your landscape, but unsightly weeds can hurt your investment in no time.  That’s why our pros here at Tough Guys offer grass and weed killer application! We spray this on areas where there’s no vegetation, such as rock beds, driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc.  The herbicide we use is a post-emergent killer, meaning it will kill the weeds and grass that have already sprouted. Because of that, we use it on an as-needed basis throughout the late spring, summer, and fall. This is a great way to keep your landscape that you have worked so hard on in tip-top shape!

Client Testimonials

We love Tough Guys! They are fast, thorough, tidy, and polite. Seriously amazing. They have done our Spring cleanups, mowed for us, cleared brush, etc. and every time we are so grateful for the awesome job they do.

Lydia Mullins

I’m very satisfied with the work they have done for me and my fiancé.

Janelle Wilson

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